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Hang Oasi Home!


Hang Oasi Home! 


It is the home decorating accessory which allows you to experiment with ‘vertical greenery’. An innovative product that, for the rst time, gives you total freedom to create your own small compositions and collages using this new green foliage dimension, in your home.


HOH! is ideal for all environments and concentrates in a small format the vertical technology with natural under-layer or substrate: the upper tray distributes and waters each substrate perfectly, using the same technique that has been successfully used for years in the creation of immense green foliage walls. Excess water is collected in a tray at the bottom which has a practical tap for drainage.


Observing the overall effect of this new dimension is a fascinating experience. The plants naturally win against the force of gravity, giving you unique masterpiece that evolves every day. It really is a living picture that changes over time, to suit your personal tastes and requirements.
You decide the variety of vegetation used and the way in which they are displayed!


The substrate is made from sphagnum moss, a natural bre that is capable of holding up to twenty times its own weight in water. This allows you to maintain the optimal hydration necessary for the care of tropical plants. All you have to do is choose your variety of plants in 9/10 cm pots from your local garden centre. Carefully remove the excess soil from the roots of the plants, rinse the roots with water and then place your plant in one of the holes.

Remove the substrate to make space for all the plant roots, then use the remaining substrate to cover the the roots. Finally, pour a glass of water into the upper tray. The plants will adapt to the substrate in about three/four days. In the following ten days, the plants will take life and will begin to ourish in their new dimension.


It is irrigated by pouring a glass of water into the upper basin. The substrate should always be kept damp: this can be veri ed by touching the area near the roots. Don’t worry if you think that you may have watered it too much: put it over the sink and tip it gently downward and the excess water will drain out through the drainage tap. If instead you forget to water it and the substrate is completely dry, just soak HOH! in a full container of water and leave it until the substrate has absorbed as much water it can, subsequently you leave it over the sink to drain off any excess water.


Indoor tropical plants are the most suitable plants for this type of foliage collage: Spatiphyllum, Anthurium, Calathee, Clorophitum, Pumila rubber plants, Marante, Pothos, Syngonium and many others. You only need to explore your own creativity to discover the amazing effect that your vertical arrangement will give.
HOH! is available in white and is easily personalised.

Price is per unit.