Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio
Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio
Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio
Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio

Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio

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Takesumi Oral Hygiene Trio

This Oral Hygiene Trio from Takesumi consists three essential items for good oral hygiene;
- A bamboo charcoal infused toothbrush
- A tin of charcoal powder
- 15 disinfectant ceramic balls

How to use;
Oral hygiene in 3 steps:
- Brush your teeth with the bamboo charcoal infused toothbrush. Bamboo charcoal mineralizes and slows the growth of bacteria

- Once or twice a week, add a pinch of bamboo charcoal powder to the toothbrush. The ultra fine micronized powder allows safe use. It mineralizes, purifies, deodorizes and whitens teeth

- Every evening, disinfect the brush with the disinfectant ceramic balls. The beads prevent and kill 99% of viruses and bacteria present on the toothbrush

Extra care;
- Rinse the beads under clear water
- Place the beads in a glass containing 100 to 150 ml of running water
- Immerse the toothbrush (upside down) after each brushing

Duration of use of ceramics: 3-4 months

Zero Waste, Vegan, 100% Natural
Made in Japan!