Toyo Steel T 190 - White

Toyo Steel T 190 - White

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Toyo Steel T 190 - White

A seamless steel plate that brings durability and design.
Among all the models of tool boxes made by Toyo Steel, this one must be the simplest, yet, unique piece of design to fit every rooms of your house. As we always have imagined it compact and functional at the same time, you can stake one of top of each other without any falls.  

Today's toolboxes became a real element of decoration on top of its main purpose: storing your favorite tools. You can display it on your desk with drawing pencils or sewing needles, in your kitchen for your spices, or wherever it will fit its purpose: display elements in a discrete and beautiful tiny industrial looking storage box.   

Material: Steel
Outer size: 20,3 x 10,9 x 5,6 cm

Made in Japan!