Tiziana 97 Bracelet - Steel/Gold
Tiziana 97 Bracelet - Steel/Gold
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Tiziana 97 Bracelet - Steel/Gold

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Tiziana 97 Bracelets - Steel/Gold l- SAteela mollla

Tiziana 97 consists of thin bracelets made of steel springs. Use them all at the same time, or as you wish.

Tiziana comes in all steel (97 pcs) or mixed steel and gold plated steel (60 pcs).

In order to keep the springs form stretching. It is recommended to slip them gently over the wrist in small groups of 5-10 pcs, maximum. Also be careful not to pull the springs on one side only , they will lose their shape. If ever a spring opens up, just put both ends together and screw them back.

60 pcs mixed.

Made in France

Design: Tiziana Redavid