SUStee Moist Meter - Green
SUStee Moist Meter - Green
SUStee Moist Meter - Green
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SUStee Moist Meter - Green

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SUStee Moist Meter - Green

Sustee is a ‘watering checker’ that can tell you when to water your plant by changing its colour. Just stick the device in your plant pot, and you’ll be at ease for quenching your plants’ thirst. 

SUStee is the perfect solution for all plant lovers who don’t know how often to water their plants. SUStee senses water at root level, no dirty fingers & damaged roots trying to gauge moist soil by feel.

Simple to use: Leave the device in the pot to continuously monitor soil humidity and show you when to water your plants. SUStee will turn from blue to white when your plant needs to be watered. Suitable for all kinds of plants and all kinds of soils.

SUStee needs no batteries and is environmentally friendly. SUStee’s inner core can be manually replaced. Depending on the type of soil used, the inner core has a life span of 6 to 24 months.

How to use:

1. SET
Insert SUStee into the soil at the base of the potted plant to the depth between the “►” and “◀︎” arrow markers.

It will change colour from white to blue within 20 to 30 minutes after watering.

Blue ⇒ enough water in the soil.
White ⇒ in need of watering.

Buy SUStee Medium for pots between 10cm and 18cm in diameter

Buy SUStee Large for pots larger than 18cm in diameter

Developed, designed and made in Japan!