Julie Damhus is a Danish product designer and ceramist graduated from the Kolding School of Design in 2014. With design as her background she meets the world of ceramics with a pure and simple style. The ceramics are hand thrown and therefore every product is a unique piece with its own life and small details. The process of throwing requires concentration and attention to develop each product. The idea is that every cup and every jug must be unique but match the others things in her production. Julie Damhus works according to classical throwing techniques and traditional craftsmanship within the manufacture of ceramics.

The colours and shapes of her ceramics originates always out of desire to experiment with the clay and its possibilities – the style is often feminine and simplistic with an edge and fine details that surprise in the form of a special curvature of the design or a shine in the glaze.

“For me, ceramics is a sense of an alluring surface and shape which one wants to use. An honest and natural craftsmanship where aesthetics is the focus.”

“I continually try to take my ceramics in new directions, and therefore each season will also reflect my development of new designs which are based on current trends, but most of all based on what I believe and hope you need for your home.”