Vertigo was one of the first very large design chandeliers and has largely irrigated the reflection on this type of lightings.

The ambition was to develop a graphic design pendant light of a scale of 1/2 feet for the large Vertigo pendant lamp, while making it very light and airy to bring movement.

An optimistic and generous dialogue with Constance Guisset has allowed a strong emulsion on materials to be maintained over time and a manufacture made in France.

In order for Vertigo to shudder with the vibrations of the air, the structure was made of fiberglass with ribbons in polyurethane placed by hand. Ribbons give this pendant light a wired character. The latter is appreciated in the visual of the lamp but also by the thread it weaves with the spaces it signs. The play of shadows and light ribbons on the walls reinforces the graphic dimension of Vertigo.

This aesthetic echoes Petite Friture's own markers: graphics, geometry, detail and finish.