Alessi Plissé Electric Kettle
Alessi Plissé Electric Kettle

Alessi Plissé Electric Kettle

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Alessi Plissé Electric Water Kettle

Alessi Plissé Electric Water Kettle is designed by the Italian designer Michele De Lucchi, who, as the name of the kettle indicates, was inspired by pleats when designing the kettle.
Like a dress sculpted by a fashion designer, this kettle is a beautiful object to be left on display on your kitchen top.

Material: Plastic
Size: H 29 x L 21 x W 16 cm (contains 1,7 l)
Tension: 230V / 50 Hz
Effect: 2200 - 2400 Watt.
Wire length: 70 cm
Design: Michele De Lucchi