Bulgar Time Wall Clock - White
Bulgar Time Wall Clock - White
Bulgar Time Wall Clock - White
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Bulgar Time Wall Clock - White

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Bulgar Time Wall Clock - White - Uret der går "mod uret"

Bulgar Time wall clock works anti-clockwise! That is why the numbers are placed upside down. “The time is always now”… even when time goes backwards.

It started with the dial of a clock in a bar, from which the designer had removed the “6” and regularly divided the other numbers, so that at first sight everything seemed normal.

VIKTOR called his new activity “Bulgar Time”. In 1980 he designed a clock where the hands turned in the opposite direction. Then followed various dials and clocks: one turned 180 degrees, others running at double or triple speed and anti-clockwise.

This Wall Clock is a copy of VIKTOR's original clock – with updated clockwork… but still with a personalized certificate

Size: The dial is Ø 45 cm, W/D 4,7 cm
Material: The case is made of aluminum - matt black color. The glass is made of mineral glass

Design: Victor VI