Beija Floor Rugs

Carpet Rug

After many years the Beija Floor rugs are back in Areastore. And we are so exited. 

This products is just fabulous and it is easy to see why it was an Areastore staple for so many years. With many interesting shapes and colours they can fit any room in the house. 

Come by the shop and explore the many different rugs we have. 

If you simple love the design but the size doesn't fit - we can always order one specially for you. 


Beija Flor was established in 2007 by designer Maya Kounievsky and is located in the north of Israel. 

"Beija Flor treasures ancient crafts and primal materials from around the world and give them a contemporary interpretation. Carrying the heritage of these traditions into modern life is a designation we took upon ourselves"